Seven’s Carnival

Sunday 6th August 2023

Draws, Map of Fields and Spectator Info

  1. NO SMOKING OR VAPINGĀ IS PERMITTED ONĀ  OUR FIELDS. Smoking areas are outside the fences on both sides of the Oval.
  2. No ALCOHOL is permitted.
  4. SPECTATORS LINES ARE MARKED IN RED ON THE FIELD MAP ATTACHED. (At least 2 metres from the sidelines. Spectators must adhere to this.
  5. All INTERCHANGES must also be made from this side of the fields.
  6. NO Spectators are permitted to stand behind the goal lines.
  7. PERGOLAS or SHELTERS can only be erected against the fence on the Canteen side of the fields and MUST be fully pegged down.
  8. TEAMS are to report to the Club Room as soon as they arrive to collect the Match Cards for the games that they have to Referee. (Please see the Right hand column on the Draws.
  9. We wish to thank all teams for participating and hope all players have an enjoyable day.