District News

2020 Western Youth League (District) Teams. We still need some under 12’s if you are interested please contact Brad Luka on 0423 529 158.
Congratulations to the following players for making the teams:

Team 1 (as this team is 7’s and 8 year olds they won’t be playing district but will be kept in mind when 8/9 gala day start training with a trip to play against other Associations.
Blake Griffiths
Nate Martin
Rory Brown
Ivan Tonkin
Harvey Ryan
Jaxon Woolsey
Ayden McCann
Tyla Givvons
Ben Baraz
Emerson Denley
Ethan Beckett

Under 10’s Team 2

Michael Carew-Ferguson
Gibson Pearce
Harry Luka
Tomas Hanemam
Charlie Ryan
Isaac Beckett
Austin Howard
Connor Milne
Koby Neil
Harry Milne
Levi O’Connor
David Easton

Under 11’s

Kai Neil
Hayley Pilarcik
Van Cutler
Seth Mostyn
Blair Fraser
Oliver Blofield
Connor Byrne
Joseph Baraz
Amelia Kable
Riley Denley

Under 12-13’s

Noah Blofield
Josh Doalman
Jai Osbourne
Zac Fitzpatrick
Eli Tonkin
Jack Luka
Lakan Crook
Ned Tomlinson
Levi Deveigne
Bailee Honeysett
Jacoby Glover
Jeremy Porter
Chris Pilarcik
Kai Fuller
Sean Boehringer 
Mav Horton
Alexis Howard
Ricky Hunter

Under 14-15’s

Liam Aarts
Ryan Gill
Logan Ward
Justin Field
JOrden Berry
Donovan Jenkins
Jed Simcoe
Brock Ringin
Connor Fitzpatrick
Kynan Coombs
Robert Spillane
Jack Curran
Imogen Della Bosca
Paul Dodson